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Job Details  

Audio Visual Support Specialist
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Job ID 1933
Job Type Macon On-Campus
Employer Technology Support Services
Date Posted Sep 27, 2018
Category Computers: Information Technology
Job Description

Assist the Mercer Audio Visual Services Department with various Audio/Visual Setups, such as, setting up PA Amps and speakers, connecting laptops to Projectors and/or TVs for classroom instructions and visiting presenters, connecting rooms using industrial video conference systems connections, as well as some basic computer troubleshooting.

Duties include using and operating various technologies to support any audio-visual request in the most professional manner. Other duties involve setting up portable projectors, portable projector screens, TVs, portable audio amplifiers and speakers across the Macon campus, indoor and outdoor.

You will be trained and acclimated to our standards and procedures, however it will be extremely beneficial to you and us, if you have some basic knowledge of the audio-visual technologies mentioned above. 

Job Requirements

Applicants must a good understanding of today’s tools of technology, smart phones, projectors, advance remote controls, professional wireless microphone systems, audio mixers, video mixers, PA speakers and PA amplifiers.

Candidates must be team oriented! must have flexible scheduling to include a few hours on some evenings and weekends!

Before you are considered for an interview, you must submit a professional resume and have solid verifiable work references. 

Application Procedure
Available Openings 1
Hours 12.5 to 20.0 hours per week
Funding Source Work-Study
Hourly Rate $7.25/hour to $8.00/hour
Time Frame Fall
Contact Name N/A
Contact Email
Work Location Mercer University, Macon, Ga
Phone 479-301-2942
Fax 478-719-4665