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Macon | Atlanta | Savannah

Job Details  

Writing and Biblical Languages
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Job ID 1578
Job Type Atlanta On-Campus
Employer Tutors - Theology
Date Posted Jul 30, 2018
Category Tutor
Job Description

For Language Tutors: to assist Biblical Hebrew and Greek students with supplemental instruction (outside of the classroom) to develop proficiency in Biblical languages. For Writing Tutors: to assist students in navigating the McAfee Style Guide for writing papers, in understanding written course assignments, and crafting thesis statements and sound arguments for papers One Tutor - Foundations in Church History will be employed for the Fall 2016 semester for approximately 1-3 hours per week. They are to be available during 1 fixed hour each week for study sessions and via email to assist students. Their duties include: 1. clarifying and reviewing lecture content 2. assisting with and reviewing homework assignments 3. leading study sessions

Job Requirements

For Language Tutors, students must have completed two semester of the appropriate language with a B+ average or better and evince an ability and willingness to work with other students. For Writing Tutors, student must have demonstrated a high degree of competency in written assignments and in understanding the McAfee Style Guide and evince an ability and willingness to work with other students. Students are generally accepted for the positions on the recommendation of professors who have observed their work.

Application Procedure
Available Openings 1
Hours 5.0 to 10.0 hours per week
Funding Source Work-Study
Hourly Rate $8.00/hour to $8.75/hour
Time Frame Academic Year
Contact Name N/A
Contact Email
Work Location varied
Phone 678-547-6048
Fax N/A